Solar Panels on Every Roof

I am not for government regulation beyond the authority granted by the Constitution, however, if the government can mandate things like catalytic converters for automobiles and the like, couldn’t they also mandate that all homes have solar panels on their rooftops? I’m sure there would be millions of square acres of panels generating trillions of kilowatts of energy, wouldn’t there?

So, why not?


9 Responses to Solar Panels on Every Roof

  1. aposteriori2 says:

    Along similar lines – with all the political divisiveness about elections and redistricting and all the political dirty tricks that are played about elections – if income taxes can be something that everyone has to do in the society – why cant voting be mandatory – with the option of abstaining for freedom of choice – take out the known political issues of there being more democrats or more republicans and having one group trying to register more and having another group tryinig to keep turnout low or using issues to get out one or another group to the polls….have EVERYONE vote every time……and have that variable gone for good ……seems like there is SO MUCH that can be done to make things less partisan and more for some ideal “common good” that I keep talking about – I bet if we had a task force about making governance less partisan that we could come up with THOUSANDS of options that arent used right now…..wouldnt something like that be very good for the “common good” – seems like it would and that people in a society where folks are working in the same direction “for common good” would be good for the economy too….I dont understand why limiting people is so popular….I really dont

  2. hypothesis says:

    The two factions of the one major party here in the United States do not want us to really be knowledgeable about what is going on politically. Even the group who wants more voter turnout uses emotional sensationalism as opposed to knowledge of the issues to get people to vote.

    It may be kinda like renters: Sure, some renters are very good at paying rent on time, keeping up the property they are renting, etc. But I have seen many renters who let the property they are renting go to the dogs; more than just let it go, they drive it there. After all, it’s not really theirs. They’ll just move to another rental unit in the next town if need be. There’s no sense of ownership in the place being rented and apathy is a consequence. A homeowner on the other hand, more often than not, will take decent care of their property because he/she has a vested interest in the value of the property.

    Likewise, people are generally not concerned with anything political unless they perceive some direct adverse (or sometimes beneficial) effect on themselves or perhaps relatives or people they know. Otherwise they sense no ownership of the political process and the two factions of the major party assure that not only will the majority of potential voters become apathetic, but they do their best to alienate them as well.

    As for mandatory voting, only unless their is mandatory education and testing as well, eh? I’ll dictate the educational materials and testing required. How’s that?

    In other words, I’d rather a person educated on the issues/party/candidate vote, even if not voting the same as I, than I would an uneducated person who is ignorant on the issues/party/candidate vote, even if voting the same as I.

    Of course I do not believe there is even 1% of voters currently who are educated enough on the issues/parties/candidates to even vote!

  3. aposteriori2 says:

    I say that it has to start somewhere and leveling the playing field is the first step – otherwise it is a game of chess between the parties that has nothing to do with governance……make the rules fair first and THEN teach people to play the game well….and have the “game” be meaningful to the actual thing at hand – in this case effective governance and the common good. Mandatory voting!

  4. hypothesis says:

    I have to disagree and state that education of the voters must be the first step in leveling the playing field.

  5. aposteriori2 says:

    Would this educational process be non – partisan? Would any foundation be set for this to not just be one more exercize in partisan wrangling and one upmanship? Sometimes I think that all of our emphasis on education in this culture is a possible avoidance of getting right down to the nitty gritty and doing whatever is presented.

  6. aposteriori2 says:

    Being “pro – education” is kind of like being against crime….. hard to argue with but not always necessarily a lot of substance there to go with it.

  7. hypothesis says:

    Of course there would be a problem with educating everyone concerning politics. That is why I stated previously, “I’ll dictate the educational materials and testing required. How’s that?”

    You mentioned “leveling the playing field” and “make the rules fair.”

    That is as doable as educating the voting public, isn’t it?

  8. aposteriori2 says:

    I said though that I was leveling the playing field by mandatory voting – I had a specific plan……You are right about what you said about dictating the educational materials 🙂 ….sometimes it makes you wonder about the whole thing just going through the motions – popularity contest at the polls for the sake of appeasing the masses….

    What if all the campaign money and all the education money and all the etc etc went back in to running the country…..”imagine all the people, living life in peace YEWHOOOOOOOO”

  9. aposteriori2 says:

    BESIDES – noone educated ME (or probably YOU either) specifically about politics…, education isnt the ticket here… is something but not more education…..maybe LESS EDUCATION……no more campaigns…..that’s it …..everyone writes a 3000 page maximum essay that is approved for being about soley the governmental plan and then we all go to the polls and vote based on that…..they can spend, what? $50,000 to publish this essay….if I had $50,000 to do it with I could come up with a nice essay…..those little fold over metal things are cheap – even the 3000 page size

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