Cooking School

February 7, 2008

I’m going to open a cooking school and call it, “Fork University.”

That way, the shirts will read “Fork U.”

One of the fraternities could be “ata pie.”*

No hazing would be allowed. Glazing, on the other hand, would be encouraged.

*”ata pie” coined by a friend of mine.


Rate The Candidates Matrix

November 28, 2007 has an interesting matrix located at:

Just thought it was interesting enough to mention.

What’s For Brinner?

November 4, 2007

OK, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine and I decided to define what eating times are which. I’m certain thousands of other people have already decided about these things, but since they haven’t informed me thus far, I decided to decide for myself . . . except I couldn’t quite decide on one time-frame.

This is what I have so far:

~11:00 P.M. ~4:00 A.M. = Midnight Snack

~4:00 A.M.~11:00 A.M. = Brunch

~11:00 A.M.~2:00 P.M. = Lunch

~2:00 P.M.~5:00 P.M. = Linner/Lupper

~5:00 P.M~8:00 P.M = Dinner/Supper

Here’s where I need some help:

~8:00 P.M~11:00 P.M.= ??????????????

So, what is it called between 8 and 11 pm?

I’d like to squeeze Brinner in there too, a word I think I thought up because I never heard of it before. But Brinner (and perhaps even Brupper) has to do with the content of the meal, not just the timeframe. Brinner: you know, like having scrambled eggs, pancakes, toast and bacon for Brinner/Brupper.

Of course this could mean that T-bone steak with a baked potato and green beens between 4 and 11 am would be Dinfast or Sukfast.

Should Greek Mythology Be Taught In Public Schools?

September 27, 2007

If religion is not supposed to be taught in public schools, how is it that Greek Mythology, as well as other mythologies, are taught in public schools?

Is Greek Mythology a religion? Was it a religion? Should it or any mythology be taught in public schools?

I propose that if mythologies can be taught in public schools, then so too should other “mythologies,” be they about Moses, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, etc., be allowed.

(Note: the word “mythology” does not imply the story is false.)

learning curve

September 26, 2007

trying to figure out the features

adding features – Avatar

September 26, 2007