Rate The Candidates Matrix

November 28, 2007

MSNBC.com has an interesting matrix located at: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21116732.

Just thought it was interesting enough to mention.


Solar Panels on Every Roof

November 6, 2007

I am not for government regulation beyond the authority granted by the Constitution, however, if the government can mandate things like catalytic converters for automobiles and the like, couldn’t they also mandate that all homes have solar panels on their rooftops? I’m sure there would be millions of square acres of panels generating trillions of kilowatts of energy, wouldn’t there?

So, why not?

Quit Shaving and Help The Environment (?)

September 28, 2007

The thought crossed my mind today that if all the men in the world quit shaving their facial hair, the overall energy consumption and “carbon footprint” of mankind as a whole would be reduced. A lot less shaving cream would be uses/manufactured, as well as razor blades and the disposable plastic shavers. A lot less electricity would be used as well as no man would be using his electric shaver either. Men wouldn’t need batteries for their cordless electric shaver either.

Could you imagine every man, capable of growing facial hair, having a full beard and mustache? And any man with stubble could be pointed and ridiculed for damaging the environment with their vanity! 🙂