Ohio State vs. Michigan

November 16, 2007

OK, it’s been 10 days since we have posted anything new, so I thought I’d post about the big game tomorrow.

I hope Michigan wins, of course, but I have my doubts about it.

I think Ohio State is a stronger team overall and their single loss last week has probably got them steamed. They dropped like 9 places in the polls and now have no real chance at a national championship, so I think the Rose Bowl is in their sights.

Michigan, on the other hand, lost their first 2 games and last week’s game, so their recent loss probably will not be as much as a motivator as Ohio State’s loss.

Again, I hope Michigan emerge victorious and I’ll be rooting them on.

But if I were a betting man, my money would be on Ohio State even if giving up 4 points.





Solar Panels on Every Roof

November 6, 2007

I am not for government regulation beyond the authority granted by the Constitution, however, if the government can mandate things like catalytic converters for automobiles and the like, couldn’t they also mandate that all homes have solar panels on their rooftops? I’m sure there would be millions of square acres of panels generating trillions of kilowatts of energy, wouldn’t there?

So, why not?

What’s For Brinner?

November 4, 2007

OK, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine and I decided to define what eating times are which. I’m certain thousands of other people have already decided about these things, but since they haven’t informed me thus far, I decided to decide for myself . . . except I couldn’t quite decide on one time-frame.

This is what I have so far:

~11:00 P.M. ~4:00 A.M. = Midnight Snack

~4:00 A.M.~11:00 A.M. = Brunch

~11:00 A.M.~2:00 P.M. = Lunch

~2:00 P.M.~5:00 P.M. = Linner/Lupper

~5:00 P.M~8:00 P.M = Dinner/Supper

Here’s where I need some help:

~8:00 P.M~11:00 P.M.= ??????????????

So, what is it called between 8 and 11 pm?

I’d like to squeeze Brinner in there too, a word I think I thought up because I never heard of it before. But Brinner (and perhaps even Brupper) has to do with the content of the meal, not just the timeframe. Brinner: you know, like having scrambled eggs, pancakes, toast and bacon for Brinner/Brupper.

Of course this could mean that T-bone steak with a baked potato and green beens between 4 and 11 am would be Dinfast or Sukfast.

Freedom of expression

November 1, 2007

Listening to Bob and Tom show on the radio this morning and they had a 3 or 4 comedians in conversation with them….and it kept coming up over and over whether they could say certain things or how they could say certain things to be ok for broadcasting over the air. I could only think about 1)how our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they could hear this. 2) how the # of instances and circumstances when free speech rights were limited are growing and how self imposed censorship is rampant, 3)how much creativity is limited by this obsession with controlling speech 4) that these are professional radio people that have been doing this for 30 years and they are struggling ON THE AIR to try and figure out what is ok and what isnt. To me this is awful and shameful.

Undercooked Pizza

October 27, 2007

I am of the opinion that most pizza, when ordered from the average pizza place, is undercooked and doughy, except for thin crust pizza.

But the run-of-the-mill pizza (“Eastern style” is it called? Anyhow, not thin crust and not Chicago style) with typical toppings (i.e. cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, sausage, hamburger, onion, pineapple, jalapenos, black olives, etc.) is normally undercooked. I believe just about everyone has simply gotten used to the doughy undercooked pizza and now accept it as the way it is supposed to be. I, on the other hand, prefer my pizza thoroughly cooked, so I always order it “well-done” and viola! I get a pizza that is perfectly cooked, no doughy dough near the crust, a nice firm bottom (everyone likes a firm bottom don’t they?), and some of the cheese on top, or some of the toppings with a little tiny bit of crispiness on the higher elevated parts.

Also, why do people order cheesy bread with dipping sauce? Isn’t that basically the same as a cheese pizza?

Bands you have always disliked

October 18, 2007

Not sure how much this applies but I have been thinking lately about those bands that I have always labeled for myself as bands that I dislike – toying with the idea of listing those bands for myself and experimenting with exploring their music more deeply and opening myself to them to see if there is anything that I am missing through my labeling. This may be a “someday/maybe” category – partially depending on if it gathers any steam on here!

Open honest government

October 16, 2007

Thinking about our posts and about how many speak to integrity and honesty within society. I am wondering if we are at the point where we have problem identification down pretty cold and if we should think about what real world options are there. Is there a “state of the art” for open and honest government? I think about the listing for freedom of the press and I beleive that a scandinavian country like Finland is at the top of that particular list. Not sure how much that equates with open and honest but it seems like it would have potential to be a component. What would the measures be if we were finding a model of a society that is “working” right now – or, if that doesnt exist, which one is working the “best” by some objective measure. Maybe this kind of ranking is already out there – I have to confess that writing this blog is all the further I have looked into it.