Freedom of expression

November 1, 2007

Listening to Bob and Tom show on the radio this morning and they had a 3 or 4 comedians in conversation with them….and it kept coming up over and over whether they could say certain things or how they could say certain things to be ok for broadcasting over the air. I could only think about 1)how our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they could hear this. 2) how the # of instances and circumstances when free speech rights were limited are growing and how self imposed censorship is rampant, 3)how much creativity is limited by this obsession with controlling speech 4) that these are professional radio people that have been doing this for 30 years and they are struggling ON THE AIR to try and figure out what is ok and what isnt. To me this is awful and shameful.


“Media Matters”: Should it be “Conservative Media Matters”?

October 3, 2007

I recently learned of a website called Media Matters, although it was launched in May of 2004.

It looks pretty interesting and they sure have put the pinch on some of the “conservative media.” They seem to be squirming. I’m not sure who is funding the site however.

On their “about us” page, they state the following:

Launched in May 2004, Media Matters for America put in place, for the first time, the means to systematically monitor a cross section of print, broadcast, cable, radio, and Internet media outlets for conservative misinformation — news or commentary that is not accurate, reliable, or credible and that forwards the conservative agenda — every day, in real time.

(emphasis added)

Are they implying that if it is “news or commentary that is not accurate, reliable, or credible and that forwards the” liberal agenda, then it does not need to be monitored or corrected? Or perhaps they figured they’d leave that up to someone else?