Rate The Candidates Matrix

November 28, 2007

MSNBC.com has an interesting matrix located at: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21116732.

Just thought it was interesting enough to mention.


Trying to Squeez Ron Paul Out

October 3, 2007

According to Gambling911.com, the betting odds of Ron Paul becoming President are 6 to 1, making him a bigger favorite than Mitt Romney. However, those odds may soon diminish because the Republican Party, in various states, is (quietly) closing the primaries to allow only registered Republicans to vote. This means many Independents, Libertarians and Democrats who support Ron Paul will not be able to vote.

Some states, including Michigan, are aiming to move their primaries to earlier dates which may result in other states doing the same. The end result will mean even fewer people voting in the primaries for Ron Paul because the momentum he has obtained and continues to gain will not be what it could have been if the primaries were held later.

And so far as I know, Ron Paul is the only candidate who will end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ASAP.

Ron Paul